Main Researcher: Ricardo Rosas (UC Psychology) View profile.

The line is oriented to analyze and understand inclusion processes for students joining the Chilean school system who present some type or degree of disability. This line seeks to study the level of coherence of regulations and public policies oriented to Special Education, School Integration Projects and Regular Schools, understanding and comparing effective learning in these contexts according to the type of disability of the student. In addition, it seeks to describe and study the impact of the use of technology as a support methodology for students with Special Educational Needs.

The Inclusion of Disability Research Line takes care of certain needs of the Chilean educational system, as described below: to date, there are no studies that provide an overview of the inclusion landscape for students with disabilities regarding regulations, pedagogical practices and use of technology. There is also no analysis of the evaluation system to determine the delivery of subsidies for special education in Chile, nor anyone who raises questions regarding the high prevalence of TELs in Chile. Finally, there are no updated, comparative and/or longitudinal studies on the quality of education received by students with SEN in regular classrooms and special schools, so that the real benefits of the inclusion process can be established.

Our research team is composed of:

Main Researcher

Ricardo Rosas  ->  See profile

Associate Researchers

Catalina Santa Cruz  ->  See profile
Rosario Palacios  ->  See profile

PhD Students

Victoria Espinoza

International Collaborators

Mikko Aro — University of Jyvaskyla, Finland
Ulla Richardson — University of Jyvaskyla, Finland
Francisco Javier Soto — University of Murcia, Spain
Cristina Rodríguez — University of la Laguna, Spain
Paul Collard — CC&E, United Kingdom