Main Researcher: Ernesto Treviño (UC Education)
Main Associate Researchers: Natalia Ávila, Rodrigo Henríquez and Horacio Solar (UC Education)

The Chilean educational system faces a great challenge to implement the School Inclusion Law (Law 20,845, 2015), which aims to eliminate the barriers that limit equitable access of students to subsidized schools. The Law eliminates economic barriers (co-payment), arbitrary selection and profit. While implementation will be gradual, there are several aspects that can affect its success. A key aspect is the starting point of this regulation: the beliefs and attitudes of teachers and students regarding increased diversity, promoted by law, and how they deal with it. A second aspect that can affect the success of the law is the training of teachers to deal with increased diversity in the classroom. On the one hand, it is necessary to survey the classroom practices that promote inclusion and reduce the performance gaps between specific groups (migrants, students of native peoples, students with disabilities), in order to disseminate them throughout the educational community. On the other hand, it is necessary to identify teacher training modules that can be used as part of teacher training programs (initial or continuous) in Chile.

Our line of research seeks to make a comprehensive contribution in both aspects, considering not only academic performance but also students’ socio-emotional development, as well as promoting the development of complex and cross-sectional skills in key subjects. To this end, our line will train teachers to develop tools and pedagogical strategies that promote interaction and exchanges between students and teachers in pursuit of a dialogical construction of knowledge in: Argumentation in Math, Critical Thinking in History and Citizenship Studies, and Authentic Writing. Based on the evaluation of the impact of the training offered, our line will generate rigorous evidence on the teaching practices that best promote the cognitive, social and emotional development of students in research areas that have been overlooked, and in the context of a growing diversity in which the contributions of all students are equally valid.

Evidence will be generated, as well as a direct contribution to the education system. In the first place, teacher training will become part of their ongoing training to promote their teaching career. Second, our line will issue reports for establishments and supporters, as well as feedback workshops to contribute to install competencies at the institutional and community levels.

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Main Researcher

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Associate Researchers

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International Collaborations

Robert Pianta – University of Virginia, United States
Liliana Tolchinsy – University of Barcelona, Spain
Nadia Douek – University of Nice, France
Chauncey Monte-Sano – University of Michigan, United States